Tips for New Users on Shopping Beauty Products Online

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Easy Strategies on Finding Beauty Items on the Web

Retail and beauty stores are popping up, but for some consumers the physicality of browsing products and conversing with sales representatives may not be the best approach. Online stores provide an ideal platform to discover which beauty items work best for you – here are some tips about shopping for cosmetics for beginners.

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Consider Your Goals

Are you thinking about starting a beauty routine? Is improving skin health one of your objectives?

When researching products for your skin online, it’s essential to keep the end goal in mind. Not only will this streamline your search but also give you access to tools and products you weren’t even aware of existed. Did you know there are better methods than using fingers when applying treatments to skin?

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of breakouts or combat an oily complexion, there is a solution that works.


Discover Your Skin Type

Skin experts classify five primary skin types. Here are the primary characteristics that distinguish each from another:

  • Oily skin feels and looks greasy, and it gets worse over time.
  • Dry Skin: Dry skin often presents as tight, flaky and irritated. It may appear scaly or itchy, or appear “dull” or flat.
  • Combination skin can present as oily in certain areas (the T-zone being the most frequent), and dry elsewhere on your face such as around your cheeks.
  • Sensitive Skin: Highly reactive to new substances, allergens and fragrances or environmental elements, your skin can become dry, red, irritated or flakey within moments.
  • Normal skin: Not prone to acne or overly sensitive to new beauty products or weather changes Your face may get oily or dry throughout the day.

To determine what type of skin you have, pull your hair away from your face, wash it with an acid-free cleanser, and observe how your skin reacts within 30 to one hour. You can apply tissue paper or blotting papers to see if oiliness is present or take a look in the mirror for confirmation.

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Your skin’s sensation can vary with each season and its exposure to hot or cold air, hormone changes, and natural aging processes. Even if you think you have “normal” skin now, that could change in the future. Be sure to monitor how products work for your skin at various points throughout the year.

Create a Skincare Routine

The basic elements of any skincare regimen typically involve serum, toner cleanser, eye cream, AM moisturizer with sunscreen (or one with SPF protection), as well as an evening moisturizer. When searching online for toner products keep in mind your skin type; certain ingredients could dry out your skin or increase oil production. Eye creams and serums are key products in maintaining moisture levels in the face.

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When moisturizing your face, you’ll need both morning (or early morning) moisturizer and AM (nighttime) moisturizer due to their different textures and ingredients. Moisturizers designed for everyday wear tend to be lighter in texture so they can be worn underneath makeup without leaving your face looking oily or caked on. On the other hand, evening creams tend to be more slender with glycolic acid, retinol, and Vitamin C added.

Shopping for beauty products online can be risky, so be sure to spread them out gradually – particularly if you have sensitive skin. Start by testing out new items on a patch first – apply one of your chosen items onto an area of skin and leave for up to 24 hours before applying the rest of the items.

If the skin patch becomes inflamed, burns or flaky, discontinue use of this product. Some types of it, particularly those containing retinol may cause initial itching and redness; consult with a dermatologist about the best course of action for you.

Learn Product Details

Before buying anything, be sure to read through product descriptions carefully.

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If you’re uncertain which product to look at, two methods for reading labels can be helpful. When ordering ingredients by concentration, look at the order of names; five constituents make up most of a given ingredient and any others appear much less plentiful.

Retinol may cause mild irritation the first time you use it, so be mindful of that on the label. As a new user, be sure to consider online reviews when researching beauty products online.