9 Tips and Tricks to Shop Clothes Online Like A Pro

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9 Tips and Tricks to Shop Clothes Online Like A Pro

Online shopping definitely has its advantages. You don’t have to stand in line or change into your pajamas. Although it offers many advantages, there are some downsides. For instance, you might find your favorite jeans three sizes too small. You can save time and frustration by following these 10 easy tips to shop online. You won’t be disappointed when you shop online again.

Know your measurements.

As we all know, sizes differ depending on which brand the product was made in and what batch it was made in. It’s easy to navigate this in-store by making a quick visit to the dressing room. But online shopping doesn’t offer that luxury. Unless True Fit is used by the retailer, you will need to take measurements of your bust and waist. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at this guide, or go to your local tailor and ask them for help. This will guarantee that you get the most exact measurements.

The size charts are available.

Before you make your way to the virtual checkout, check how your measurements compare to the site’s scale chart. This will help you decide what size you should order. Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and ASOS all carry multiple brands. You will need to dig deeper.

A quick glance at the size charts on the designer’s site before purchasing is a good idea. They are more like a guideline than anything on an online shopping site. Even though an online shopping site recommends ordering jeans in a size 8 (the chart is for a general guideline), the company may suggest going up to a 10 The size of the model might be another thing to take into consideration. You can often get an idea of the length and width of a piece by looking at her height.

See the reviews.

Reviews from customers are a great source of information. They give you an insider’s view on the product. You can scan comments regarding size, fit, quality, and material to get a better understanding of whether or not the item fits correctly. The piece might look great in the photo but may end up being too tight around the bust or awkwardly loose around the hips.

Use research materials.

The feel of a fabric is just as important than its size. There is nothing worse than getting the dress that you have been looking forward to for so long only to discover that the fabric feels rough. You can’t touch the fabric, and you often can’t tell what texture a piece looks like by simply looking at a photo. It’s worth taking the time to get to know the fabric content. You can go through your closet and identify the pieces that you like the most. It is a good idea to take note of the fabric compositions so you can refer to it when shopping online. If polyester is something you dislike, it will be obvious that you should pass on the top.

The catwalk is your best friend.

You can sometimes be deceived by photos. So if you have the opportunity to see an item in action, grab it. ASOS, Warehouse, Net-a-Porter and Net-a-Porter offer video alongside product photos so that shoppers can see how clothes actually look.

Be flexible

You should be aware that the color you see on your screen may not reflect what it looks like in person. The color may also vary from one batch to the next. It is possible for products to arrive in slightly different shades, so be ready to send them back if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

You should take a second look at the returns policies.

Even if all the above steps have been followed, you might still experience disappointment. Before placing an order, make sure you are familiar with the return policies. Look out for details such as whether there are no charges for returns, the return period, when you can send it back, whether exchanges can be made, and whether restocking fees apply.

Take note.

Keep track of which online stores and brands you shop with. Take note of the sizes and how they fit. This will make future purchases much easier. This will allow you to keep track of the brands you love and eliminate any guesswork about how they work.

Your neighborhood tailor is someone you should get to know. It doesn’t matter if the item doesn’t fit as well as you would like, but it is a good idea to send it back. Have it adjusted by a local seamstress or tailor. It’s best to have the garment a bit larger than the average. Otherwise, you will most likely have it returned.

Edit your cart

You don’t need to carry around garments in a physical store as you would when shopping online. This makes it easy to impulse buy online. Avoid regretting later by asking yourself if the item is something you actually need, would wear with other items and can be worn with.

You can shop online and save your items up to 60 days, which gives you plenty time to make your decision. Go ahead and buy that floral maxi dress, even if you are still obsessed with it a few days ago. You can throw it out if you feel it has lost its appeal.