Dating Relationships Made Easy

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Scared of dating? Wishing that dating relationships weren’t so awkward, so unpredictable? Well, here’s some dating advice, three dating tips actually, to help you enjoy dating, rather than cringe and run the other way.

1) First – Dating is not a contest. You cannot win. And you can never lose. And there’s no need to be scared of rejection. Why? Because either you both like each other and decide to see each other again, or one or both of you prefers to not go forward. And a preference for something else does not equal rejection. In fact, it is a success to know that there will be no possible future with the person so you can clear the slate and go forward to find someone with whom you DO experience mutual dating romance!

2) Second – Smart dating, in other words successful dating, is not a theatrical play. Smart dating is all about showing up as who you really are and finding out who the other person really is. Any pretense or play-acting just ensures that you’ll feel anxious because you’ve already decided that who you really are isn’t good enough.

3) Third – Dating romance, the kind that can last a lifetime, is grown through getting to know each other. Instant chemistry, that sudden spontaneous thrill that we often read about in romance books or see in romantic movies, has no solid foundation and can dissolve overnight as easily as it took you over.

So, the key to smart dating is to show up as who you really are and actually get to know the other person. At the same time, you’ll be finding out if dating romance – the day-to-day real romance you want – is actually developing.