Dating & Relationship Advice – Ending a Relationship

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Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t think a relationship is going anywhere, and it’s time to end things with the other person. Searching for dating & relationship advice at this point is just natural because you want to let the other person down as gently as possible. Below is some dating relationship advice that will help you let them down easy.

I strongly believe that all break ups should be done face to face if possible. This is much more personal than simply sending a break up letter, email, phone call, or text message (that one is the worst!). Set up a time where you can talk to the person face to face, one on one, with nobody else around to disrupt or listen in on you.

Let them know how you feel, and tell them the truth about why you are breaking up with them. A simple “it’s not you, it’s me” just doesn’t cut it in most relationships, so make sure you search your soul to find the reason you are wanting to end the relationship. Maybe it’s just that you have nothing in common or that you dislike something about their recent behavior. Whatever it is, tell them the truth.

Give them a chance to speak too. Listen to what they have to say and who knows, they might change your mind! Relationships are about giving and taking, so make sure that both of these happen for you when it comes to ending your relationship.

By following this dating & relationships advice, you will make the break up as easy as possible on both you and your soon to be ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever you do, keep things brief. Don’t keep stringing them along after you have already made up your mind, as this is just not fair.