5 Dating Relationship Rules For Success

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Dating is the beginning of every relationship. But many people fail at this important stage. They do not know what to do to make their dating stage continue into long-term relationship stage. This 5 dating relationship rules will give you some basic rules you need to follow in order to successfully transform your first dating stage into a long-term relationship.

Rule #1: Tell Her What You Want

Sometimes the best thing to do just talk to her that you want to continue this dating into long-term relationship. Choose the right moment to talk about this when you two are alone. Show her that you mean it. You can do this with visit her on regular basis such as 2 times a week or more.

Rule #2: Know More About Her

It is a good way to know her to develop more intimate experiences. Maybe you can ask her for lunch or dinner with you and during that time try to know each other better which means the conversation should be two-ways conversation.

Rule #3: Show Her You Are Serious

What this mean is paying attention to small details about her such as her birthday or some specific worthy moment such as valentine day. Be careful about the boundaries you do not want to be overly here. You just want to show her that you are serious not annoying her.

Rule #4: Develop Trust Between Two Parts

Relationship is all about trust. That is the very foundation of relationship. So you need to develop trust between you and your couple. Developing trust mean sharing about your situation and listen about her situation. There is no point to pretend to be somebody else just be yourself. The chance is if she is ready she will response to you and you should response to her.

Rule #5: But What if She is Not Ready

You have two options here you can just simply move on or wait.

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