Dating & Relationships – Playing the Mind Games of Verbal Abuse

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Written By JohnBarnes

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If he or she knows most, if not all, of your strengths and weakness, and use them against you, you may face yourself always losing in any quarrel. It’s like they have a “You” controller on their hands, and they know which buttons to push to elicit what actions from you. The more “evil” ones purposely embarrass you in public or when you are in company of your friends, giving you no respect. Seriously, being a victim and staying as one will not solve anything. Things does not get better when you keep quiet. If this sound like you, its high time to voice out.

Analyze everything that is said. Are those true or false? Are the facts being exaggerated? Are some things being left unsaid? Know whether you really did make a mistake on your part. Once you find the answers to that, start taking action. If it is positive that they are right, think of a solution to that problem. If it is not your fault,it is time to stop the nonsense.

Understand that no one can insult your confidence and self-respect if you did not allow them to. It is absolutely something you can control. If you are always at the mercy of someone’s else rage, it certainly is no healthy relationship. You have to show you are displeased with him/her. Donald Trump said: “If someone screws with you, screw them back fifteen fold.” Well, you do not have to really screw them back, but just do not keep being on the defensive.

In a relationship where you are always subject to verbal abuse, you are being “owned”. In a healthy dating relationship, there must be love and respect for each other. In a relationship without those crucial elements, the relationship will not grow. You will be better off finding someone else worthy of your love. There are people who love you but are fond of engaging in such verbal abuse. In such a difficult case, tell them gently but firmly that they need to do some self-reflection or else a break-up will be inevitable.