The Top 7 Reasons Why Women Reject A Man’s Offer For A Long Term Dating Relationship

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We’ve all gone through this you seem to have a great relationship started with the perfect woman and the next thing you know, she’s not interested in you. You lay awake at night wondering what you could have done differently and what’s going through her head. Below are 7 reasons women reject men.

1. You didn’t call.

As crazy as it sounds one of the main reasons men get rejected is due to a woman’s frustration and waiting around for him to call. You’d be surprised how many times a guy blows his chance with a woman simply because he’s choosing to play it cool and wait longer than he should call her.

2. You didn’t pay.

Yes its 2011, but if you’re a guy taking a girl out you should pay for the date. And if the girl offers to pay she’s just trying to be nice to take her up on the offer.

3. You only talked about yourself.

Sometimes guys get so caught up in trying to impress a girl that they don’t realize they’re spending the entire conversation talking about themselves when they should be learning more about their date.

4. You chose your friends over her.

A girl might tell you it’s cool to go hang out with your friends all the time that any woman that has to take a back seat to your guy friends is going to find it gets old pretty quick. A woman wants you to make her a priority especially when it comes to your old college buddies.

5. You don’t take your career seriously.

Women want a provider and it doesn’t necessarily matter how much you make of how seriously you take your responsibilities. If you are the type of guy that constantly blows off work or just doesn’t care about his job chances are you are going to find that women constantly blow you off and just don’t care about you.

6. You were rude to the waiter.

How you treat other people when you’re out on your date plays a big role in the female subconscious and conscious opinions of you. If you are rude to the waiter that is serving you with that say about your level of patience and caring for her when you are married or for your children when you are a father?

7. You didn’t have a plan.

You don’t have to come right out and say it, but women want to feel like there is a plan and a sense of purpose to your dating relationship if you are constantly just going out without any forward momentum or movement towards a stronger relationship you will probably find yourself kicked to the curb before you know what hit you.