Dating Professionals Going on Green Dates and Dating Relationships

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Going green and being more environmentally friendly is becoming more in vogue these days and it is a very good thing. However, going green is not just about recycling and using eco-friendly products; it’s a lifestyle choice and as a dating professional, it can even be incorporated into your dating seeking relationships. Have you considered how you can go green in your dating relationships?

One big eco-friendly idea is to keep the car in the garage and walk or ride your bicycle. You may not be able to totally dismiss your car, especially if you and your date don’t live that close to each other. However, you can plan dates that incorporate parking your car and walking around town or biking. You can also plan to visit state parks and go on hiking trails or have picnics in the woods. When you plan a picnic, use biodegradable containers or plastic, reusable containers.

As a dating professional, plan a date where you can work together and do some yard work at both of your homes. Plant a tree or plants or other shrubbery. If you live in an apartment and can’t plant anything on the grounds, then plan a project of planting some plants in pots to keep indoors or if you have a balcony and its still spring or summer, keep them outside. Working together on a project is a good bonding experience and it’s also very gratifying when the project is one that is good for the environment and your personal living space as well.

You can combine your tree-planting project with going out into the community to help some families in need. Check into the local non-profit organizations that are available in your community that has an outreach project for planting trees or other horticultural activities. Now, you will have a great bonding experience in working together on a project with your date, and you’ll feel good about doing your part to help the environment, but you will also feel inspired and good about helping those in your community that are less fortunate than you. Soon you’ll be such a dating professional that you’ll be giving out eco-friendly dating tips to all of your friends.

If you decide to go out to eat at a restaurant, choose a local one that patronizes the local farmers and farmers’ markets. When restaurants buy their food and ingredients from the local farmers and stores, it is good for the local farmers and keeps them in business and it also is good for the economy because they are not getting their food from non-local places that where the food has to be transported a long way. If you are further along in your dating relationship and want to go on a vacation with your partner, you can always choose to go a staycation rather than a vacation. If you really want to get away, plan a camping trip in a state park or at a beach. If you want to travel further away, check out some eco-friendly hotels that are within your budget.

Go to a local farmers market and purchase some vegetables and other ingredients to make a healthy dinner and then go back to one of your homes and prepare dinner together. Not only will you have a fun time and bond as you work together, you will also be eco-friendly by supporting your local farmer’s market and eating organic food. After the dinner, forget about watching television or a movie and take a walk around your neighborhood. You’ll be doing an activity minus a car and you’ll be getting some needed exercise in the process.