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How and where to meet a potential partner, has always been a challenge. The reason why it is can be a challenge is because we do not want to think of ourselves as calculating, we want it all to happen naturally and romantically. The reality is that we do not always get the ideal situation presented to us. That is why speed dating was developed to satisfy the demands of individuals who live life at such a pace that the traditional method of finding an ideal partner just wasn’t delivering for them. Here are some useful dating relationship advice and insights to help you on your date:

Let your personality and warmth shine through. To achieve this you need to be relaxed so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue of the speed dating event. If you arrive late and are hot and bothered, you will not be in the right frame of mind. Being yourself is so important because if you try take on another person’s persona, eventually you will falter and your true self will reveal itself. That may or may not be a pleasant surprise for your partner!

Be self-assured by be careful not to appear arrogant. Make good eye contact at all times without constantly staring to the extent that the other person becomes uncomfortable. And another thing; it is said that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul so smile with your eyes; you will be surprised what a difference that makes. If you do this and totally focus on the person in a relaxed and personable manner, you will make a favourable impression.

Hopefully you would have already worked out definite objectives that you want to achieve at this dating event. If that is the case, you should also have a plan as to how those objectives will be achieved. This is not about being calculating but about making the best use of the available time. So do your research and ask questions that are important to you, covering the points that you want covered. In other words, try and achieve your objectives.

Go with your intuition. It is a very important and neglected part of ourselves that often point us in the right direction. So go with it, let it guide you but never ignore it. It’s good practice to think long term. Ask yourself the question,’ is this someone I would want to end up living with?’ Believe me, if you start to go out with the wrong person, there is a probability that you will end up with that person. Only your intuition can guide you in these early stages.

Remember that I mentioned that eye contact was important? Of equal importance are other aspects of body language. So look for the other person’s body language. What is it telling you? At least 80% of our communication is through body language and not the spoken word. You do not have to be a body language expert to pick up some important cues. At a basic level, you will notice the person’s behaviour, eye contact and body movements and you will be processing that information. What is it telling you? What is your intuition telling you? Go with those two, your experience and your intuition and you will not be getting it more or less right. Remember that the other person may also be reading your body language. It works both ways!