Love Test – Are You Loved For Your Money in a Dating Relationship?

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Are you ever asked to fund loans, gifts, or an economic recovery package for your date, as if you’re their personal banker with benefits? Ever feel like you’re bankrolling your dating relationship without receiving an equal expression of effort or appreciation from your date?

These are red flags warning you to put on the brakes–unless you don’t care if you’re loved for your money. How can you ever know for sure if it’s you or your assets that attract your dates?

You can create Love Tests that detect the gold rush girls or guys, the con artists, the social climbers. Then you decide whether to let your date manipulate you for money, or move on to meet a more compatible match.

How do you create this Love Test?

When your date starts asking you for gifts, donations, loans or cash, shut down the bank and see what happens. You can do this gracefully, by saying all of your assets are tied up in trusts or foundations. You can say that money issues are a top cause of relationship stress and breakups. And you’d like to experience what it’s like to live within your date’s financial means, so you understand their challenges, pressures and attitudes about spending. You could say that dating isn’t about money, but common interests, good communication, chemistry and kindness.

What are the risks in shutting the door of your bank to your dates?

A gold rush girl or guy seeking the seductive perks or a share of your money may move on. Or they may keep up their sensual or sly manipulations to see if they can break down your defenses so you open your wallet or purse to keep them in your life.

What if you see and enjoy their clever con for cash?

If you’re tempted by great chemistry or physical beauty to marry a match who seems overly interested in your assets, don’t walk down the aisle without this: An ironclad pre-nup.

If this makes your match run, you’ve saved yourself the distress and expense of a battle in divorce court.

Check with a counselor to find out why you’re open to this type of dating arrangement. With a little coaching you may let that old baggage go, so you’re free to love and be loved, to know and be known for all the priceless wonders you bring and hope to receive in a loving relationship.

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