How to Disagree in a Dating Relationship

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Written By JohnBarnes

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Quarrels and fights are necessary to keep a mature relationship healthier. Every other couple every once in a while indulge in quarrels. If someone has never fought with his spouse then he has surely missed one interesting aspect of his so called mature relationship. Fights followed by a series of persuasion and various means of inducement hold a unique importance for a relationship. Many a times such small fights lead to petty clashes which later gets brushed off by the couple and other times it can be justified to arrive at a common consensus. In such cases it’s better to simply agree to disagree. This is what’s expected out of a mature relationship even if there arises some difference in the ideas.

The clashing of ideas for a couple is not something very uncommon. It certainly cannot be that one be the mirror image of his spouse when talking about ideas or opinions. Everyone has got their own identity and uniqueness, the freedom of thought varies from person to person. It doesn’t matter if the concerned persons are already in a mature relationship; arguments are bound to happen when there is a difference in opinion over a particular subject.

It’s a misconception of the people which makes them believe that couples involved in a mature relationship should never have any disagreements at all. A young couple feels their romantic relation is to last forever, so they are caught off guarded upon facing any situations like minor fights or heated arguments. In turn both the spouses hide their own opinions in order to avoid any sort of altercation. They may be right in their own ways but the question is if theirs is really a mature relationship, will it get affected by any argument or disagreement.

A difference of opinion or any minor altercation is needed for a good and mature relationship as it facilitates the couple to get used to the opinions and behaviors of their partners. But it should also be kept in mind that the disagreements should be taken with a positive frame of mind, it should not offend your partner nor should you feel offended for the opposition. You need not be silent when you feel you have a different opinion with your partner; you can surely go ahead and let him know what your thoughts are. A minor disagreement followed by a logical discussion and finally dismissing the differences is the sign of a mature relationship.

Nevertheless, do not start fighting with your partner just to term it as a mature relationship if you have genuinely nothing to complain and you share the same opinions with your partner. Learning to have healthy disagreements will allow your mature dating relationship to go to new levels. It’s when the disagreement escalates into a harmful fight that it is not good. Keep things non-emotional and allow one another to voice their opinion and feelings. You would rather the honesty of this type of relationship than the deceit of anything else. Mature dating relationship are built on two people who know how to fight well.