How to Dress Like A Celebrity – Tips You Need to Know

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Nowadays, celebrities are just like super models. The celebrity dressing style, hairstyle, accessories and even makeup are wildly copied. That rocks! Here are some tips on how to dress like your favorite stars.

1. Research the latest fashion magazines for the most recent celebrity dresses. Fashion changes all the time and don’t forget the same rule works for celebrities’ looks.

2. If you find anything your favorite celebrity might wear and you are fond of it, go for it. Like those colorful scarves that Carrie Bradshaw wears? You can have it.

3. If you want to dress like a celebrity, the easiest way is to go one step further with your accessories. For example, you normally wear one pin or brooch to match your celebrity gown, but it requires 2 or 3 for a celebrity look. If you wear flats or wedges with 2 inches high, kick it up in a pair of sky high heels and you are sure to turn heads with your celebrity look.

4. If you are still wear designers from head to toe, you are out of date. Celebrities are good at mixing their designers with affordable clothing. An outfit many celebrities like is a white shirt, a flowing scarf, jeans and chic boots. Buy more one-piece clothes instead of full outfits. Mix a tank top, a jacket with your low-cut pants and flip flops. It’s trendy to mix up your wardrobe than purchasing a set of outfit. Shop at boutiques to get more affordable clothes and you are sure to wear a celebrity look without breaking the bank.

4. Wear a fancy pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t just mean to put on your sunglasses. If you want a celebrity look, wear your sunglasses wherever you go. Since Paris Hilton strolling down the supermarket with her chic sunglasses, so why not make the same trick?

5. Be a scarf girl. There are plenty of options for you to choose: silk scarves, cotton scarves, wool scarves, chiffon scarves… Wear scarves around the front of your neck or back. Try to make you look flowing.

6. Get your celebrity shoes! Stilettos are a must. Wearing flats can be optional, but you know, for the red carpet look you should really buy a chic pair of stilettos. Make it all unique, baby!


* For clutches and shoes, get designer like Gucci, Chanel or Prada.
* Try to mix and match your own styles. Opt for leggings instead of pants. Be unique and stunning.
* Surfing on the internet for beauty tips. Sometimes, you don’t have to wear an expensive makeup for a celebrity look.
* Don’t overdo the makeup.
* Don’t act like some celebrities. Even if you are in the same celebrity dress, never pretend to be her as people will look down on you.
* Smile in a natural way for a classy red-carpet look.