How to Attract Beautiful Women

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The majority of men, upon seeing a beautiful woman, think, “If I could just attract a beautiful woman like her…” and mentally wander off into fantasy land, which is where they spend a great portion of their time.

The world is overflowing with beautiful women. Everywhere you go, you see them. You dream of them. You fantasize about them. The majority of those beautiful women want a good man to share their lives, and they are just as frustrated as you are. Most of them feel “all the good ones are married or gay”. Does that sound familiar, guys? Those women are beautiful, passionate creatures and want a good man for companionship, and to fulfill their every fantasy in bed.

Is there any reason you cannot, theoretically, be “that man” who attracts beautiful women? No, there isn’t. You just have to know how it’s done.

Secret #1Know How to Flirt With Women

Most guys, with persistence, can get an ordinary-looking girlfriend, but it is entirely possible for even an unattractive man to attract a beautiful woman. How is this possible? Most men just do not know the “how-to’s” of flirting with women, and feel like schoolboys in the presence of a beautiful woman. It’s scary enough to start up a conversation with a “plain Jane” sort of woman, but it can seem terrifying to try to start a conversation with a beautiful woman.

You can’t attract a beautiful woman without ever speaking to her. You need to pay attention to the “little things” most guys never notice, such as knowing when to almost touch her, but not do so, when to almost kiss her, then draw away, how to make her practically desperate for your touch, your kiss, then making it known to her with body language that you’re comfortable in or out of her personal space.

As insignificant as these details may seem, believe me, these are the things that will make you the man a beautiful woman remembers, the one she wants to know more about. You don’t have to settle for an average woman. You can attract beautiful women and take your pick, if you learn to create irresistible attraction. You can be the man all the other guys envy.

Secret #2: Know How to Be a Man of High Social Value

There’s something that most men just don’t understand about how to attract beautiful women. They don’t understand that, to attract beautiful women, a man must present himself as a man of high social value, or a good catch. If you’re obsessing about getting a woman’s attention, take a deep breath and try to be realistic. Beautiful women have their pick of men. You have to have some social value, or you’re not going to be a hot commodity when trying to attract beautiful women.

What determines a man’s social value? When you’re out for the evening, are you alone, or with a bunch of friends? If you’re hanging by yourself in the corner, eventually a spider may snag you, but if you want to attract beautiful women, you’re going to have to create some social value. Do this by coming out of your shell. Hermit crabs are not exactly swarmed by the ladies. Increase the size of your social circle, so the woman you’re interested in can see that you have friends of both sexes who truly like being around you, and that other women find you interesting.

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