Cosmetics – Are You For Or Against – Do They Make You Beautiful?

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Written By JohnBarnes

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Society has given us some strange messages about beauty – we are bombarded with skinny models suggesting to us that if we can’t look like them, then we are not beautiful, their diet is none existent and if they have any ‘flaws’ they must be corrected, nose jobs, boob jobs – wow – is this beauty?

It is suggested that if we are not like them, then we are inferior! Next we are manipulated into spending a fortune on the latest beauty products with the false endorsement of these models! They get paid big bucks to tell us they use them!

What A Load Of Rubbish!

To become as thin as these models is neither beautiful or healthy! And the highly priced cosmetics are in no way going to improve anything!

Let’s be honest here, we can enhance our beauty, but we are neither going to get it out of a bottle or obtain it by becoming anorexic! Does anyone really think this is beauty? Unfortunately our young are brainwashed and this is worrying.

Two Types of People.

Now we have two types of people – the first type will be totally obsessed with what she see’s in the tabloids and will buy into all of the rubbish, starve herself almost to death, and will think of nothing but her self-image. The second type – she gave up long ago, either overwhelmed by the true fact that she will never reach this perfection or just simply cannot bothered and left with feeling failure and low self-esteem!

Don’t You Think This Is Just Horrible?

Firstly that old saying – ‘beauty comes from within’ – is true, but look deeper into this expression, beauty comes from all of you!

Your beauty and how attractive you are is important, of course it is, unfortunately we are judged on first impressions, but more importantly than that – to look good, makes us feel good and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

But How Would You Define Beauty?

Well let us look at the word define in another way – YOU define your beauty, yes you! We are all beautiful and we define our beauty by living authentically.

Let me explain – we must learn to live holistically instead of separating pieces of our selves and thinking we deal with all parts in different way’s. Our body, beauty etc, is not just a bag that carries us around all day, it is a living thing that we are part of. Our mind, body and soul are all one and we must treat it, and live it as one!

Here’s the thing, when you learn to live as one being, you get to know who you really are, and you take care of yourself holistically, then you find your beauty and it shines from the inside out!

Living In Awareness.

Take care of your self from the inside out, be aware of the food you give your body – be aware of the thoughts you think – be aware of your mind, body and soul as one – tune into your self and learn about your needs. Learn relaxation techniques and how to breath properly, you will be amazed at what this does for your skin! Be authentic, be you.

The type of food you put in your body and the way you think and feel about yourself results in the quality of your health and your skin, your beauty!

When you get to know you from the inside out, you will learn to love yourself and you are beautiful from the inside out!

Hey, enjoy the cosmetics – but never think you need them!

Your beauty and how it shines is up to you and how you take care of you! You are beautiful, and you are a powerful being, take care of your self, get to know your self, be happy – be true to you – be beautiful from the inside out! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!