How to Determine the Truth in a Dating Relationship

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As people go out on a date and begin to know each other, they start using a number of phrases that give them great hopes for their budding relationships. The people who utter the words may say them in all sincerity, and their partners will believe them. It is therefore frustrating when the promised calls do not seem to materialize. It is even more painful to discover that the person you had believed to be committed to you starts dating someone else. So, how can you determine the real truth in a dating relationship?

Dating is basically a way through which people get to know each other better. After the initial attraction, two people decide to meet during a special occasion. Dating gives you the opportunity to know your partner better. In the process, you will be able to determine any interests you have in common, your values, and whether you can truly be friends with each other among other things.

First date
This is more of a fact-finding mission, where you learn a bit more details about your date. You need to take note of what your partner says and your own feelings about her. You should remember that your partner will try to put her best foot forward.

There are a number of things you can do to determine the truth.

o Accept what your partner has told you. Then you will wait to see whether she behaves as per her words.

o You may decide to talk about the issue frankly, which requires a lot of courage.

o Learn to read and interpret her general body language. You should never take this third option for granted. Learn to listen to your instincts as well.