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Ganni launches a rental-only collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week

Ganni, a Danish fashion brand, has revealed a rental-only collection with reworked pieces in celebration of its Copenhagen Fashion Week digital experience. This culminated in a live musical performance on Feb 4.

The brand’s latest fashion pop-up concept Ganni Kiosk is now available for rental in Denmark and the UK.

The 26-piece collection includes 26 styles. It expands on the musical inspiration of Ganni Love Forever and features a selection unique past-season Ganni pieces. They have been custom-made with cut-outs, embroidery, spray-painted, and embellished by hands.

Rhinestone-encrusted con bra leather jacket

A rhinestone-encrusted con bra leather jacket, two-tone sequin jeans jacket and hand-painted flame boots are some of the most distinctive styles.

Ditte, creative director at Ganni, commented on the collection. “This season we wanted to create an’stage collection to mark the energy and love for music. When I was a teenager, I used to watch MTV and go to concerts.

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Think of iconic looks like Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour, David Bowie or Elton John. We were inspired by fashion’s transformative power and the ability to be anything when you step out on stage.

Danish artist and costume designer

Nanna Bernholm is a young Danish artist and costume designer. She collaborated with Refstrup to create custom-made pieces. The focus was on responsible reusing and reworking of styles and fabrics from past Ganni collections.

The styles can all be rented, and the customer can choose to rent them for one, two, or three weeks. The prices for renting a style range from 26 pounds for a tie dye long-sleeve Tshirt to 78 pounds on a leather vest with embellished hearts fringe for one week.

From February 4th through February 4, Copenhagen Fashion Week will host a four-day musical experience. It is available online and on social media. The event showcases the autumn/winter collection via music.

The concept is described as “upbeat, inclusive” and reflects Refstrup’s love of music. It also allows the brand to showcase three international female artists from New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen to bring the collection to life – Coco, Deb Never, and Zsela.

Each artist will share their love songs with the Ganni community throughout the week. Songs will include covers of Ditte’s most popular 90’s songs as well as original tracks by the artists. Our autumn/winter collection focuses on love. Our love for music, life and all that we take for granted. Music is my greatest source of inspiration. Music is my greatest source of inspiration. These super talented artists are my favorite songs. I cannot wait to see their interpretations.

A song can help you feel hopeful in uncertain times. It is a reminder to remember that no matter what you are going through it will be OK. This digital concept has the beauty that everyone can join us behind the scenes and at the finale.