Are you wondering what to wear when apple picking?

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This is our recipe for perfect apple-picking outfits

Apple picking is a favorite fall activity. We love going to the apple orchard, a time-honored tradition. Who can resist a slice of homemade apple pie? Are you unsure what to wear for apple picking? We have a collection of apple-picking outfits that will be insta-worthy and sure to get you the blue ribbon.

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Apple-Picking: Fall Prints and Ripe Colors

The warm, autumnal colors of an apple orchard are influenced by the rolling hills. This color palette is perfect for any apple-picking outfit. Fall is the most vibrant season of the year. Imagine lush green apples and golden yellow grass, with a sunset that is smoky and orange. These beautiful tones are hot this season. These tones look great with classic fall prints, such as plaids and stripes or fall florals and Fair Isles. These combinations of color and print will solve any questions about “what to wear while apple picking”.

Plaid is your choice

Plaid in modern times evokes an outdoor vibe that is perfectly suited for apple picking outfits. Plaid was once limited to menswear-inspired button-ups. This plaid print is now available in a henley-style Flannel. As you enjoy hot apple cider from the orchard, opt for an oversized fit with leggings and boots. You can switch up your seasonal style with a plaid skirt or sweatshirt, or shacket. This pattern will look great no matter what you wear it.

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Stunning Stripes

Apple picking and stripes–is there anything more timeless? A classic stripe will give your apple picking outfit a preppy touch. A striped button-down can be worn loosely front-tucked in your jeans. You may also want to consider leather loafers. Are you feeling bold? Mixing patterns and prints can be bold! This is possible by pairing a warm color-block crew neck sweater and a floral headband. Wide-leg pants with a flowing, harmonious movement in the breeze will elevate your look. Before you set out on your apple hunt, tie up your lug boots.

Florals are Falling in Love

Spring and summer wear are adorned with feminine floral blooms. Fall brings a new seasonal update to these beautiful spring and summer pieces. Start small if this is your first venture into floral design. A micro-floral design will add a touch of floral power to your apple picking outfit. Cropped straight-leg jeans can be worn over a bodysuit. You can also carry a Granny Smith in your grandpa’s cardigan pocket. Pair floral-adorned kicks with it. These are another great option when it comes to what to wear for apple picking. These sneakers will help you effortlessly crunch through the leaves of an apple tree.

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Apple-Picking Outfits That Keep the Perfect Temperature: What to Wear in Any Weather

It’s cool outside and the air is crisp. What do you wear to apple picking in all weather conditions? There’s a festive look for fall that will suit you no matter what weather it is. These are some outfits you can wear when picking apples while enjoying fun activities at the apple farm.

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Enjoy a Hayride in your Sundress on a Warm Day

Take a break from apple picking by taking a ride on a tractor. On a hot day, a breezy wrap dress will keep you cool. Wear your wrap dress with ankle booties and a denim jacket. A denim jacket can be worn with a dress to add texture and style to your outfit. To evoke autumn vibes on warm days, tie it around your waist. Are your legs itching from the haybale? A blanket can be used to make the ride more comfortable. You can use it to make a beautiful picnic in the Gala apple grove.