Why Media And Entertainment Companies Need Cloud-Based Systems

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Written By JohnBarnes

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Cloud computing has been prominent in IT conversations for quite some years. However, the entertainment and media industry has not been effectively utilizing it because of various reasons. But some of them have started using it to store their data and information.

Cloud-based systems can be a great platform for data storage for media and entertainment industry. It has helped some top media service providers to protect their information from cybercriminals and attackers.

This article highlights some reasons why media and entertainment companies need cloud-based systems.

  1. Data Encryption

Strong data encryptions within cloud-based systems have reduced cases of data breaches to a larger extent. Most of these systems have a multi-layered approach consisting of key management, secure access controls, and security intelligence.

Entertainment companies using cloud-based systems have the freedom to select users accessing the information and data outsourced to the cloud. That way, attempts to interfere with professional or personal data can be inhibited.

Unfortunately, some media and entertainment companies still face data theft threats from their employees. Fortunately, with stronger access controls, these threats can be nipped in the bud. The multi-layered security components eliminate the possibility of data breaches to a great extent. That way, it ensures that data is protected at all times.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

Cloud-based security systems usually offer reliable SOC2 and SOC1 certifications to media and entertainment companies. These certifications enable the data to be periodically scrutinized. With such frequency of scrutiny, it’s easy to identify any possible glitch. The good news is that the cloud-based solutions will host the required infrastructure to protect data and regulatory compliance.

The detailed AWS reports that they give also ensure that these companies focus on their operation without worrying about regulatory compliance requirements.

  1. Preventing DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks can cause hefty losses in any industry, including the entertainment industry. It involves hackers targeting a company’s website by directing traffic from other areas to the end website to overwhelm the system. A DDoS attack may damage the reputation of a company and make clients lose trust in it.

But a company with cloud-based security systems can guard against this threat. These systems work 24/7 to scan potential risks and warn owners about attacks. Most of them have warning tools that can track incoming attacks and threats instantly. If you know which threat is about to hit your website, you can divert the traffic to other locations.

  1. Safe Storage

Most conventional storage solutions don’t offer protection against potential disasters that erase information from devices. But cloud-based systems can allow media and entertainment industries to securely store their data and negate any mishaps that may affect their system.

Furthermore, cloud storage solutions give public, private, and hybrid options that any business can choose based on their requirement and preferences. These hybrid storage systems enable industries to store data most effectively and securely.


It’s advisable for media and entertainment companies to leverage cloud-based systems in storing and protecting their data. These systems are affordable and have enhanced security features that can keep your data private and safe from cybercriminals. Most importantly, they also allow companies to comply with regulatory requirements.