What Straightener Plate Size Is Best for My Hair?

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The ideal flat iron may provide you directly, sophisticated locks using a luxuriously glistening shine. Like most of heated styling tools, even however, flat irons pose an unfortunate problem: how the heated plates may dry your hair, making damage and breakage that undoes the glow you aspire to attain.

Deciding on the best plate dimensions to the hair texture, hair length, and styling demands are able to allow you to cut harm whilst still reaching envy-inducing locks. Here is what you want to understand.

Why Straightener Plate Size Matters

It’s simple physics: the bigger the dishes are, the more heat will be applied to a own hair. Bigger discs also make it much easier to design larger sections of hairfollicles. In case you have very coarse or curly hair, big plates create results faster and remove the requirement to straighten the identical section of hair .

Bigger plates, by contrast, are less harmful, because they expose every section of hair to less warmth for a somewhat shorter period.

Plate size is not the sole factor impacting heat concentration and harm. The sort of plate can impact how heat can be applied to a hair, how damaging the heat is, and also how fast that the straightener heats up.

Which Plate Size Is Right for My Straightener?

One-inch straightener plates would be the most typical and popular choice since they function for most GallasPro hair straightener types. These straighteners balance powerful straightening with minimal harm. If you are new to shampoos or not certain which size will work for you, try out the ghdV Gold Series Classic Straightener Styler 24 mm.

A thinner straightener like the Cloud Nine C9 Micro Straightener can be an Superb alternative if:

  • You often traveling and desire a mobile straightener.
  • You have really fine hair that’s readily straightened.
  • You’ve damaged hair and would like to minimise heat-styling moment.
  • Your hair is mostly right and only requires a fast run-through to embrace the feel you desire.

Some people today desire a real workhorse, like the ghd V Gold Professional Max Styler. Think wider plates if:

  • Your hair is rough or very thick.
  • Your hair is curled and will be tricky to straighten.
  • Your own powerful, resilient hair which is not prone to breakage or damage.
  • Your own hair will get frizzy since the afternoon continues.
  • You can readily go two times between shampoos.

Working Having a Straightener That is Not Ideal

Perhaps you have already shelled out for a pricey flat iron, just to realise it is not the ideal selection for your hair. Learn from your errors and keep in mind that a top quality straightener will endure for a long time and decrease harm to your own hair.

It is worthwhile to take a while to investigate your options and save your cash. It is possible to get it right this time! Meanwhile, these tips can save your own hair:

Lower your dependence on your straightener by massaging just every other day. The further oil that your hair accumulates will shield this, and your personality will probably last longer.

Scrub your hair in tiny sections so you just should straighten each section after. Repeatedly running exactly the identical section of hair through a straightener can create incredible breakage.

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