What Not to Do to Get a Celebrity Photo

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Collecting autographed photos from your favorite celebrities can be quite an exciting task. Indeed, it becomes a hobby for many people; writing letters of interest and sending them out, hoping to get a reply with an exciting autographed photo inside. Sometimes people will go to conventions and meet their favorite stars, getting autographs this way. This can be a great way to spend your time, meeting these celebrities and getting to interact with them. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind on your quest for these autographed celebrity photos.

Most importantly, you must always be respectful of the star. If meeting the star in person, you must never do anything which would embarrass the star or make them feel uncomfortable. This includes calling them by another name or something embarrassing which someone in the press might have come up with. You shouldn’t mention certain failures which the star might have experienced and you should always keep things as pleasant as possible. If writing to the star to request an autographed celebrity photo, you should be very respectful of the star in your letter, offering your well-wishes and admiration of their talent, but you should keep the letter brief.

You shouldn’t do anything outrageous to attract the celebrity’s attention and try to make an impression. This will not only be embarrassing for you in the end, but will only make the celebrity more inclined to avoid you. Celebrities, while making their fans happy, must avoid scandal from the public eye and doing anything embarrassing will only make that celebrity avoid you even more. This goes hand in hand with respecting the celebrity, but deserves a mention on its own. Many people will try outlandish stunts to get the attention of the celebrity, but more often than not will only end up attracting negative attention to themselves.

If you are writing to a celebrity to try to gain an autographed celebrity photo, you should not assume that the celebrity will send you a photo without you doing a bit of the work. You will, at the very least, need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your package. It is rude to assume that the celebrity will automatically pay for the postage to return this photo to you. You shouldn’t also automatically assume that the celebrity has something to send you and for this reason, you should include either the photo or the piece of memorabilia that you want to be signed along with your letter.

Getting photos from these celebrities doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The problem is that people will often act like these celebrities owe them something and make demands on those stars which are not only rude, but preposterous. If they would only be polite, patient, and respectful, the success of obtaining these collectible photos would be much easier. Instead, people have to assume that they know best and that they deserve those items and will make demands which only push those celebrities away even farther.