What is the purpose of entertainment?

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Written By JohnBarnes

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The purpose of entertainment is here to keep your emotions active.

This leads to an illusional sense of aliveness, since normally you yourself produce these emotions and share them with others.

If there is no entertainment, you instantly feel a void. Why? Because you do nothing.

It’s like a baby that is holding the hands of the parents all the time and suddenly lets go and feels a shock because it was so used to the constant and direct supply of their energy flow. It feels more what is around, more what it is.

Basicly you then yourself will turn up like a lightbulb, shinging with emotions – with the difference that you consciously choose to switch it on or off. You are the lightbulb, not the switch. And this time you do not require a cable, a limited power supply because you will understand that the ‘air’ or the ‘invisible water in which you swim all around you’ is and always was your purest power supply. You simply were conditioned to have a leash. A steady and controlled connection to a Lower power source.

When we entertain ourselves all the day, like many of us did, including myself a time ago and some maybe still do – then you constantly drain yourself of your vital energies.

In order to express an emotion, energy is required. Much. Controlling Emotions, priority for monks.

Can you see that this also is a cause for chronic intestine malfunctions? Since they are connected to the glands which produce the emotions and must always be On?

Pull the cable, be offline from ‘this’ system here. Become your own powerhouse and connect to the infinite all around you.