St Thomas is the gateway to the US Virgin Islands. It is a spot which is well-known for its beaches and snorkeling spots. The beaches are blue and with crystal clear water. There are a lot of activities that you can do in St Thomas and also in St John. The St Thomas Activities and the St John Activities include sailing, dining, or having dinner on a sunset cruise. You can get the cruising sailboat from the Jester Sailing Adventures though It is the best sailboat service in the US Virgin Islands.

The Jester has plans for you. If you do not know what to do when you are in St John or St Thomas, you do not have to worry. Jester has the day excursions and snorkeling activities in the islands. All you need is to call and ask for the options. Besides sailing, the Jester also provides cocktail sunsets, full day or half day USVI sails, chartering excursions in these islands and more. The Jester Sailing Adventures also offers private and custom sailing options. With these options, you can choose your favorite boat and sail across the islands on your own.

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