Making a Six Figure Income by Finding and Taking Autographed Celebrity Photos

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It may come as a huge surprise to you, but hundreds of people throughout the world are making a six figure income finding and taking autographed celebrity photos. Now that you have this knowledge you will no doubt want to know how you can possibly make six figures yourself from finding and taking autographed celebrity photos.

To begin with, you will need to look at which types of celebrity photos make the most money. The answer to this will always be authentic celebrity photos that have actually been signed by the celebrity who appears in the photo. There is money to be made from reproduced celebrity photos and autographs. However, you will never make six figures unless you specialize in harder to get and one of a kind autographed celebrity photos.

This is one of the reasons why, that if you are serious about making money from autographed celebrity photos, that you actually seek out and obtain the actual autographs of the celebrities. You will then want to have these photos set up and given certificates of authenticity. This is documentation that proves that the signature on the photo is legitimate and that it is authentic.

However, be sure when acquiring such certification that you actually use a certifier who is proven and has a good reputation. There are many certifiers who have built bad reputations, and you will want to make sure that you don’t associate yourself with individuals like this if you plan on making a good income.

Chances are that you will need to invest a good deal of time into the art of acquiring authentic autographed photographs. You will need to do much traveling in order to meet with celebrities and to get them to sign your photos. Some celebrity’s have personal rules that they follow when signing autographs. There are some celebrity’s, who if they recognize you as some one whom they have already signed an autograph for, will refuse to give you a second autograph. This is why many people hire outside individuals to help in getting autographs for potential sell.

If you plan on making good money in selling autographed celebrity photos you will need to invest some money on your own and hire outside individuals to help you in your endeavors.

Apart from hiring people to assist you, and apart from getting certificates of authentication of your autographed celebrity photos, you will also want to have your photos appraised. You will want to take your photos to a professional and well known celebrity photo appraiser in order to seek out documentation for the worth of the photo.

You will also want to seek out autographs from celebrity’s who don’t generally give out autographs, or celebrity’s who have been known to only have given out a handful of autographs. Acquiring an autograph from a celebrity with little exposure in the world of autographed celebrity photos will make you bank.

A six figure income in finding and selling celebrity photographs is not as hard as it looks, if you have a little knowledge and are willing to put in the work to obtain the autographs.