3 Ways To Start Your Dating Relationship

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Written By JohnBarnes

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There are smart ways to begin a relationship and some not so smart ways to. But really when you think of 3 ways to start your dating relationship you want to focus on the smart ways to start it, not the ones that may set you up for failure and have a relationship that will run a short course and be quickly over.

So let’s look at the 3 best ways that you can begin a relationship, and even some extra tips in there to make sure that you keep it going. Because in life we all want to have a lasting relationship and one that we are continually happy in, not one where we often wonder why were are there.

First off you should never rush a guy into a full commitment, because it may be one thing that will push him away. If you really want him to be around for a long time, just let him work his way into that commitment. No matter how hard it is for women, you need to make sure that you do this. No nagging no pushing, but let him take his own pace to get to that feeling that he is ready to commit to you and it will happen.

As women there are times when you may actually act dumb to make a guy feel better. Don’t feel bad if you may be smarter than your guy either. Because well you should never have to act like someone you are not to make a relationship work. Cause if you are then you are building a relationship that is based on lies to a point and will never work for a long time.

Third make sure that you do not base your relationship on purely sexual feelings. Sure lust is great, and when you first meet that match of yours and hit it off, this will be something that will be in the front of the relationship.

But letting lust be the only guide and the main thing that holds your relationship together is definitely something that will backfire on you. Because one day that lust will die out and if you have nothing else for a relationship it will fizzle quickly and end just as fast.

Instead make sure that you communicate and have many things in common to have a lasting relationship. Be honest and be yourself and you will have a way to have a lasting and fully committed relationship with the match and the person you love.