Best Cruise Line Deals Online: The Best Times to Look and Other Tips

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Are you looking For more info on how to get the best cruise deals? Have you always wanted to go on a cruise but you never did because you just could not afford it? These tips might just make that cruise trip more possible.

Booking early

Booking as early as 18 months prior to the trip can help you secure are good rate. It might not be lower than a last minute booking but you have better chances of reserving a favorite room or getting included in the ship’s premium itinerary. However, the rates are low for a reason. Things can happen between now and the trip so you need to keep yourself tuned in for more info on your cruise details. The worst case is for you to be bumped off the ship to a charter, but usually, the cruise line compensates you for the adjustments. Itineraries can also change.

Booking late

Expert cruisers, when they are looking for the lowest rate possible, usually wait 8 weeks at least before the trip before booking. This is because cruise lines usually slash off a great deal from their published prices when a cruise is selling too slow, or if they are experiencing too many cancellations. You need to play the patient and flexible passenger, though. There will be limitations in the itinerary and the room type.

Bring what you can

You should pack all the necessary items when you go on a cruise. As much as possible, you must not purchase basics like sunscreen and beverages onboard as these can cost double offshore. You must check in on the terms of your cruise line, though, for more info on what type of beverage you can bring onboard. Avoid corkage fees so you can spend your money on better things onboard, like a meal at a specialty restaurant, or a much-deserved spa treatment.

Stay connected

If you really want the best deals, then you need to keep up with the times. Booking directly can only give you average prices. If you connect with third party dealers and travel agencies on Twitter and other social media websites, however, you just might get your hands on better deals.

Coupon it

Coupons are not only good for groceries and deals at the spa. You can also get cruise deals there. The itinerary might be limited but you can always add on while you’re onboard. These coupons can slash off the price by almost half, so if you’re cruising with your spouse, you can get that second honeymoon for a much lower price. To make sure you are getting the best deal, though, you can also look at the cruise line’s website for more info.

Cut back on the itinerary

What are you really joining the cruise for? While packages are tempting, overbooking your days at the cruise can leave you quite overwhelmed and unhappy about the trip. Do you really want to join the group trip onshore or do you think you can explore spots that really interest you on your own? How about specialty restaurants? That package features free meals at a specialty restaurant but is Italian really your favorite cuisine? Are you a spa buff enough to enjoy the features of a coupon you are looking at? Go for deals but you should also shop smartly. Remember, no one recipe suits all when it comes to putting together the perfect cruise experience. Make sure you are planning your cruise according to your own preferences.
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