What’s Holding Your 2009 Lifestyle Plan Back?

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The Answer to the title is: “YOU!” The question is: “WHY!”

Now that I have your attention, let’s see how I can help you get back on track to a Happy, Healthy Well Balanced Lifestyle. You are going to need some inner tools i.e. – dreams, goals, desire, motivation and most importantly, Persistence. Externally you need a pen and paper. If you don’t write your dreams or goals down, you have only a 3% chance of creating a lifestyle you deserve.

Dreams or Goals: pick 3 and be very specific when writing these down. Some of your goals may be a new car, house, career, business, relationship, vacation etc., so you would write down color, address, position, type of, how much money etc.

Attainable: set your goals high, but not so high that it will add too much stress to live the lifestyle you dream of. Set your goal high enough that if you don’t achieve 100% that you will still be proud of how much you accomplished and your lifestyle has still improved. This way you will have the confidence to set another goal to achieve the remainder with desire and motivation.

Timeline: every goal must have an amount of time set for completion. Again, be realistic and set a time you know will allow you to accomplish your goal. If you do not achieve your goal in the time you allowed yourself, don’t get discouraged; reset the timeline for your goal to be accomplished. After accomplishing a few goals you will begin to understand the challenges you set to achieve the Well Balanced Lifestyle you desire.

Goal Timelines: make a 5-year plan. What kind of a lifestyle do you want to be living at the end of 5 years i.e. where do you want to be living, what do you want to be driving, how much money do you want to be earning, what do you want your personal life to look like etc. You can only get there by creating a shorter to long-range plan (take baby steps).

1) Daily Plan – set 1 to 2 goals in a timeline you know you can accomplish that day. Accomplishing these goals will build confidence and motivation for the next day’s goals. If you don’t accomplish your goals for that day, don’t get discouraged; set them over to the next day.
2) Weekly Plan – you should get a feel of how many goals you can set for the week to accomplish. Again, don’t get discouraged if you have not accomplished all your goals (circumstances can change and alter your plans); transfer your leftover goals to the next week. Think about how much you have accomplished that week. Well done!
3) Monthly Plan – you now should have a sense of what and how many goals you want to target for accomplishment by the end of the month. What part of your lifestyle do you want to have on track and a direction by months end?
4) 3 Month Plan – at this point you should have a good feeling of direction for goals that you need to accomplish for your Well Balanced Lifestyle. It is at this point I will suggest that not all of your goals have to be lofty ones. You should by now be experiencing a positive shift in your lifestyle plans. You are creating a positive, optimistic, motivated individual.
5) 6 Month Plan – by now you are experiencing the rewards goal setting brings and the start of your new lifestyle. You now have a rhythm of goal setting. At the 6-month point begin to set 5 strong goals you want to achieve every month.
6) 1 Year Goal – access all your monthly goal journals and take stock of all your accomplishments to date. It must be amazing to look back from where you started with little direction of how to attain your your life’s dream. Again, any unaccomplished goals can be sent over to the new year knowing full well you will achieve these challenges also!

Does procrastination, or to put it bluntly; excuses and lack of motivation sound more familiar?

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At best, I am a life coach! I was an inner city child with a single mom until the age of 8. I had an abusive step father that forced me to leave home at 16. I grew up on the streets. My life as you can imagine with the role models I encountered quickly shaped my future. After years of alcohol abuse, therapy sessions, counseling and anger management courses I was at a crossroad. My life was not what I envisioned it would be and it was spiraling out of control. Realizing my barriers was painful to say the least. I couldn’t mask my emotions anymore and that is when I decided to I needed a life change! Even though my career was in the right direction at the time I couldn’t experience happiness.

Change came after applying the teachings and secrets that I am about to reveal to you to my own life. I am student to life’s teaching in all aspects. My teachings are a condensed version of experiences, encounters, lessons and action plans that are put together in an easy to use manual.