What is the importance of fashion?

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Today fashion designers and clothing brands and accessories can be as famous as a celebrity, fashion plays an important role in society and not only allows us to define our style and help us differentiate ourselves from others but take a role in society and be accepted, it allows us to express and define our personality, visually communicate our interests and tastes, but sometimes have the misconception that fashion in stores, dressers avenues and shopping centers more expensive and famous of the cities or the most luxurious areas of the world and the famous catwalks in New York, Milan or Paris fashion but can see it in stores at every level, in the street, on television and film in any audiovisual medium in advertising etc. Are infinite ways you can represent fashion in our society.

Trend in Today’s Society

In ancient times, fashion is represented under a planned social organization, leaders could wear the most majestic garments made with materials that defined this group of people an expression of superiority and majesty, while the lower classes wore pendas more simple, this made people saw the same and so were marked in this class, just as it took years or even centuries to change the style and fashion today fashion is renewed every season and is individual helps a person express its own personality, originality and style.

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes, prices thanks to globalization. We can find garments with the latest trends in any department store and even vintage shops and second hand. Society has changed, fashion is a very important personal and social role.

Urban Groups And The Influence of Fashion

We must accept that fashion also influences a person feel accepted in society and a group of specific people such as in urban tribes, these sometimes do not take into account to define your personality and be original more well they are accepted in these groups of people but it is not always the case can also be a way where you expose your interests in clothing; of these subcultures is important to mention that there are infinite fashions and styles of these from the famous darks to the most extravagant tribes in Japan where endless and extravagant fashions are seen as Lolitas, decorate the girls ganguro in the famous streets of Tokyo on visual kei among others.

The Importance of Society in Producing Fashion

Fashion as mentioned come in all shapes, concepts, trends and different sizes, we can find from the most expensive and sophisticated garments cannel or Armani, the most modern and fun clothes like Betsey Johnson, sports like Nike and Adidas, these take into account not only the style but also the usefulness to the unimaginable and strange garments such as dscuared or Alexander McQueen.

Fashion takes into account all our social needs, large fashion firms conduct studies and surveys, because the production of fashion is not only design and send to the manufacturer if studies about what you are looking for the customer and do not realize that needs lacking in terms of clothing such as that social rank belongs economic level and the area where he lives, for example can not design and sell the same in areas where much heat causes or the weather is very humid and in places cold and dry also try to sell the same to women of all ages because each age has different interests and tastes etc.

When we watch a movie, TV show or a play we realize that like any audiovisual medium have a production, direction, stage design, makeup, among others but also has a department of costume design, which is very important because this helps to create characters who have their own personality and style also when a film is vintage or theme, for example if it is a film about the eighteenth century or 60s if fantastic pirate or some other character fantastic costumes are absolutely essential in these cases because without it could not be represented in this way. Just as there are famous fashion designers there are also designers and coordinators famous costumes and even show their own style, these coordinators costumes are so important that they were to depart a cheap prom dresses uk online and even the famous Oscar for Best Costume Design this is the case the famous Sandy winning three Oscars for costume design as queen Victoria and Alice in Wonderland Powell.