What is a virtual event?

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Throughout our very first conversations with customers we are often asked ‘what is a online event? how does it work?’. Although organisations are ending up being a lot more familiar with virtual events, there is still a cloud bordering what they are and just how finest to host one.

In other words, a virtual event (we likewise call them an iVent) reproduces a ‘physical’ location-based event, but online. It permits you to host a international seminar, trade convention, item launch or employment fair from the comfort of your home or office, making use of just a laptop computer or mobile as well as an web connection.

To address a few of our other frequently asked questions around hosting a virtual event, I have actually included some key info below to help kick-start your virtual event journey.

Can any event be hosted virtually?

Simply put, yes. We have actually experienced seminars, employment as well as professions fairs, item launches, trade shows (from all markets) as well as open days; to name a few. There are no constraints on the variety of event you could hold. We such as to start our discussions with customers by asking them what a ‘physical’ event would appear like. We after that convert that vision into the virtual world. Just, if you can image it then it’s possible.

What are the main features of a virtual event?

This will constantly depend on what you want to attain, and also it might appear like an oxymoron– i.e. a virtual event being personal and interesting– yet it is. When holding an iVent you can anticipate one-to-one live chat and also videoconferencing, live workshops and discussions, incorporated social networks channels along with ‘ live’ delegate networking attributes. There are no constraints on the interactivity of a virtual event. We will imagine with you; branded booths, source centres, sponsor locations, real-time discussion auditoriums and networking lounges.

Can I see who comes to my virtual event?

This is conveniently one of the best advantages of hosting your event virtually. The data you can collect on your delegates– from those who register with to those who participate in as well as every action and also activity they do whilst logged in– can provide you exceptionally useful info for analysis and also future advertising and marketing functions.

What sort of business would host an event online?

Several of the biggest worldwide corporates, with to universities as well as the general public market. They all share the very same broad purpose– to link and communicate with their target markets ( inner or outside) in a purposeful and appealing way. A virtual event does this cost-efficiently, overcoming barriers like time, source and location. For services hosting a virtual event, the greatest advantage is having the ability to get to an unrestricted audience despite where they remain in the globe, without any demand for pricey and also eco hostile travel, a virtual event can enhance your presence rates considerably.