Save Money When You’re Traveling

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Travel costs can add up in a hurry, especially if you’re on the adventurous side and tend to get sidetracked by local events and sights that you didn’t plan to see before arrival. Meal prices, local customs, and other variables can boost the cost of any trip, so sometimes being thrifty is the answer to enjoying your adventure to its fullest extent.

This doesn’t mean you have to squeeze every cent or that you have to trim luxuries. It means if your mindful of your expenses you can enjoy more things and worry less. One invaluable tool many travelers use is the website Groupon, which highlights discounts and coupons available from thousands of name brand stores and businesses such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

It’s simple to use: download the app to your phone and you’re ready to save. All you do is type in your search parameters, such as location and what you want. If you want pizza in Rio, enter the city and pizza and the nearest available restaurants will pop up. Each one typically has several discounts available to choose from, so you can narrow your choices from there.

Saks, for example, has offers up to 60 percent off as well as free shipping coupons. Similar deals are available for literally anything you might wish to buy, including salons and massages. The key is to get in the habit of using the app before you shop so you utilize the best discounts available.

No matter where you wander, you need to spend money. Sightseeing, amusement parks, fine dining, and every other venue uses Groupon to promote their business so you should take advantage of that.

Did we mention travel itself? That’s right; you can get deals on airlines, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and more, so Groupon really has  you covered in discounts from the moment you walk out your door to begin your trip. Just check the app before you make your reservations, download the coupon code, and enter it at checkout. It’s that simple to save money on your next trip!