Why You Should Consider a Close-Up Magician As Your Wedding Entertainer

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Did you know that according to a USA Today study, more than 90% of brides said they would have spent more of their budget on the wedding entertainment?

It’s true. Wedding entertainment is one of the most important elements of making your wedding reception a complete success, yet many couples don’t pay enough attention to it while making their plans.

It’s all too easy to think that simply hiring a good band is enough. Of course it’s important to have the right music, but that shouldn’t be the end of the entertainment. There will be lulls in the music, some people would rather talk to each other anyway, and not everyone is going to dance all the time.

What should you do for those times, or the times when your guests have nothing to do while they are waiting for you to take your pictures, or while you are with other guests?

How are people who don’t know each other going to break the ice? What about those shy ones who want to have a good time, but don’t know how to “join the crowd?”

There will be cliques at tables and some guests may be left out. Maybe some age groups won’t mix.

We’ve all been to weddings or other functions where there could have been much better communication and entertainment in the crowd.

Sometimes a DJ will get people on their feet, but no matter how good the band or DJ is, every wedding could use some personal interaction among the guests.

Fortunately there is exactly the right kind of wedding entertainer for just such circumstances – and that is a Close-up Magician. Such a magician is an expert at entertaining people in an intimate setting and bringing people together with a sense of wonder.

Also known as “walk-around” magicians, these artists can perform for small to large groups, with small apparatus in an impromptu atmosphere. Such casual and intriguing performances are perfect for any group, of any age. Even language is no barrier, because most magic is visual.

What other kind of performer can entertain your wedding guests with their own possessions, by say doing a small miracle with a borrowed watch or coin, than a close-up magician?

When you engage a the right close-up performer, you are guaranteeing that your wedding party will be completely enthralled and will remember your wedding as a truly magical affair. Imagine the compliments you will get when every single one of your guests has been personally entertained. Imagine the memories you will be creating to go along with your perfect day.

How can you ensure that you engage the right close-up wedding entertainer to make your day a magical success? Make sure that:

  • You hire a professional, and not “your friend’s cousin who can do tricks.” (That cannot be stressed enough! Don’t take a chance with an amateur.)
  • Your professional has experience doing weddings, and isn’t just a kid-show performer.
  • Do a Google search for them to see if there have been any complaints. Most do a fine job, but you can never be too careful, especially about your big day.
  • Your close-up entertainer has a professional website, where you can read testimonials and view at least one video.
  • You meet with the performer beforehand, if possible, to assess his or her professionalism and decorum. Make sure you at least talk on the phone, or have a very good reference.

From your meeting, see if you feel this performer “gets” you. If you click, you will find that a good magician can do more than just “magic.” He can troubleshoot if there is a need for it. Good magicians are like street psychologists, they really understand group dynamics. For instance, if he perceives that a guest looks bored, he’ll be right on the spot to brighten things up.

So if you want your wedding reception to sparkle, find a good close-up wedding entertainer to give it the magic that will be remembered.

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