How To Pair A Stylish Dress While Satisfying The Dictums Of The Society

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You may be a God fearing person and want to lead a modest life in sync with the dictums and requirements lashed out at you by the society as such. But your friends and loved ones may not be pretty happy with your all mundane rather sober kind of dressing sense. What do you do then? How would you quite manage or cope with peer pressure?You want to wear pretty skirts, rather short ones. But you are skeptical to judge on how short is too short as per conservative form of clothing, isn’t it?

However if you religiously follow the dressing sense, then wearing clothes the apt way will be the best choice for you. You would naturally be good in wearing decent clothes over a skimpy bikini line. Not to compare your teenage friend sporting a stylish swim suit or an ethnic tankini. And you will always be surrounded withfriends who are quite modern. And you are often gagged as the odd one out. Near and dear ones including friends constantly discourage you from sporting modest apparels and don’t endorse you being a boring you.


Here are few exquisite guidelines you need  to follow to sport stylish clothes and yet not look awkward in them

• While you opt to buy knickers online, make sure you buy waist high pants. If you wear a short skirt or something, the high raised briefs can prevent an embarrassing situation in case the skirts lift up. This can happen when you are walking down the lane. And the weather is windy as well as breezy.Silk couture knickers are also available in different shades.

• Celebrities don a lot of fashionable clothes but sometimes do not carry it off with ease. You cannot wear a casual rubber slip ons with a petite summer frock. While opting to get yourself a beautiful velvety evening frock, get a pair of sophisticated sandals which complement the look.

• Wearing jersey coats during warm summers is something you can avoid. You at least wouldn’t get those messy looks from onlookers.

• While you know you are going to wear transparent skirts for the party, you can wear a pair of cycle shorts to cover up. The looks will be stylish on you.

• See if you can camouflage a top with colored pants. Else the better option would be to stick to a pair of denim jeans. Multi colored tops go pretty well with navy blue denim jeans.

• While you are wearing a stylish tankini or swim suit to hit the bay area, pay attention to your lingerie wear. You can wear a nice shaper to give grip and support to the swim suit you plan to wear. You also get your problem areas of bulges on hips and stomach covered this way.

• Avoid wearing too much of chunky jewelry when you are wearing an outfit with sequins and embellishments. The costume speaks volumes on your personality minus the jewelry.
Having spoken on ways and means of getting dressed stylishly, you can still maintain your virtuous image.
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