How to Get Commissioned For Celebrity Art

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If you have talent as an artist, you will naturally want to get paid for what you love doing. One of the best ways to make this happen is to get commissioned for a celebrity painting. Someone agrees to give you a certain amount of money to make a type of painting for them. One of the most fun types of painting that you could make is that of celebrity art. This type of art form allows you to take world famous celebrities and make a work of art about them, showing some of their best, most glamorous sides. You could have a great deal of enjoyment in making one of these paintings.

Getting someone to know that you can make them a certain painting of a celebrity can be the tricky part, however. Suppose that you are particularly talented at making portraits of a certain celebrity. You know their face well and are particularly skilled at drawing them in a variety of poses. If you want to be commissioned to make celebrity art about this person, you will want to find someone or even the celebrity themselves who would be interested in buying one of your paintings. There are a few ways that you could get knowledge out there that you are interested in making these paintings for these particular celebrities.

You should certainly have a portrait of this celebrity already made which you can show people so they know what kind of an artist that you are. Most people will not commission any artists without knowing an idea of what they might be getting first. If you can show them a portrait of the celebrity that you want to paint, however, you might have a good chance of being the artist selected for the work. Finding people who would be interested in one of your portraits, however, might be the tricky part. You will want to target both people who collect celebrity art as well as people who have collections based around the particular celebrity.

If you take one of your portraits of that celebrity and post it on an auction website, you can get a number of people interested in the piece of celebrity art that you have made. If you can start people in a bidding war for this work of art, you automatically know a few people who would be interested in commissioning you for a piece of celebrity art. One of these people will naturally win the painting. The others do not necessarily have to be without the painting themselves, however. You could approach those people and offer your services to paint them another portrait of that celebrity for a certain fee.

Additionally, if you look for people on other websites who are interested in collecting memorabilia about a certain celebrity, you may be able to contact those people to see if they are interested in purchasing a custom made piece of celebrity art about that person. If you are a talented artist and you offer your services at a reasonable rate, your career as an artist will definitely flourish.