Evacuate Or Face Certain Death – Is Your Lifestyle Destroying Your Chances at Happiness?

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Written By JohnBarnes

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Evacuate or face certain death — On a physical level, this statement stands to put you on notice; especially if you are one of the individuals who are in the path of a deadly storm or natural disaster. On emotional and spiritual levels, it serves as a dual purpose to evacuate the current lifestyles that we lead or we can potentially face the certain death of our path to greatness.

Are you the obstinate procrastinator?

Stubborn in your ways, you’d rather put off until tomorrow what you could be doing today. That reasoning, unfortunately, puts you at odds with your authentic self that is desperately trying to break free from the mental chains you have created for yourself. By staying in a holding pattern of ritualistic behavior, you confine yourself to a box of small thoughts and aspirations. You can only move forward in life and initiate a positive lifestyle makeover when you become the leader of your life.

How do you become the leader of your life?

First, you must do exactly what the title line says to do: Evacuate your present mode of thinking. Toss out all the negative emotions and blockages from the past. Don’t let old and hurtful memories creep into your thoughts. Accept these memories as part of who you are, but do not let them rule your life. As a matter of fact, right now at this very moment, I ask you to look at yourself in the mirror and say aloud: “I own my feelings. My feelings do not possess me. I am in control of my destiny.” This is a productive first step in laying the foundation to create happiness and prosperity in your life.

The next important part of the lifestyle makeover process is to let go and let God. Whatever or whomever your spiritual Source of Divine guidance is, allow that Divine power to guide the direction of your authentic self. While you ultimately control your destiny, you have to allow yourself breathing room to expand your inner wisdom. Take a deep breath and release any negative impulses and reservations. It’s very easy to fall back into a habitual pattern of negative behavior — so be certain to stop, breath, and let go and let God whenever you feel overwhelmed or confused.

What if I run into a crisis situation?

While there are some individuals who excel in crisis situations, there are many folks who fall to emotional pieces. These are the times when you really need to pull yourself together and go deep inside your authentic self to find the strength and inner wisdom to overcome challenges and roadblocks that may come your way. Too many times, these sudden obstacles propel individuals back into negative behavioral patterns. This is why it is so important that you constantly use your God source and the Universal flow of energy to uphold and sustain you.

Expanding your horizons

By now you have a fairly good grasp on the mental and emotional aspects of directing your destiny. At this point, you understand that your authentic self is the keystone to rediscovering the positive light of life that exists inside you. This is an essential thread to the Universal flow of energy that connects all of us to one another. By facilitating this Universal flow of energy, you can achieve the lifestyle makeover that will help you manifest happiness and prosperity.

When you make a pact with yourself to evacuate the negative lifestyle you’ve been leading, you are prepared to pursue the leadership role that you are intended to have. You don’t have to fall back into old habits and negative routines, because your positive lifestyle makeover is what gives you the happiness and prosperity that you’ve always wanted.

It truly boils down to enacting the fundamental elements of your core being — mind, body, and soul. Integrate these powerful resources to create the lifestyle you want to lead and manifest the destiny that will lead to greatness.