Creative Ways to Use a Hook and Loop Fastener

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There are many different uses for a hook and loop fasteners. There are some obvious uses, like cable management, but there are plenty of uses for this handy gadget that you many have never thought of.

Having a hook and loop fastener on hand is a good idea because it is a tool that is incredibly multi-purposeful. Not only are they useful in a variety of areas, but also they are really easy to store. They do not take up much space and are lightweight.

In this article we explore the many possible uses for the hook and loop fastener.

Cable Management

Cable management is the most obvious way to utilize a hook and loop fastener. Cable ties are perfect for any of your cable management needs. You can use them to store cables in your drawers or as a way to clean up your computer or entertainment area.

Being able to use the cable wraps as a way to control the length of your cables is useful to have a much more organized space. Being able to use hook and loop fasteners when it comes to managing your electronics is super helpful because tech gear can get out of hand really easily.

Garage Organization

A not so obvious use for the hook and loop fastener is in your garage organization. This handy little tool is incredibly helpful when you need to wrap or bind things. This could include ropes and extension cords, but you can also bundle up many other items as well.

Many people have messy garage organization. It is easy to let your garage become a catchall space for sports gear, boxes, tools, and junk. When organizing your garage, making use plastic bins can help with storage and organization. Furthermore, the use of hook and loop fasteners can come into play to organize your bins even more.

Desk Organization

Whether at work or in your home office, over time your desk space can start to get unorganized. When you have a messy desk area, it hinders your productivity and it can be tough to find the things you need. One of the first things you should do when organizing your desk area is to get rid of the things you no longer need or use.

Once you have done some basic cleaning you can start to sort things and organize in a way that is efficient. This is where the hook and loop fasteners come in. Many people have cables floating around their desk space and being able to wrap them up can help in making more space. Cable ties are also helpful when you want to wrap up any spare pens or pencils that you have.

Home Organization

We all try to avoid having junk drawers in our homes, but somehow things migrate to a specific drawer in your house and you find yourself with a junk drawer that has a hodge-podge of stuff floating around inside it. A good way to avoid a junk drawer is to make use of the hook and loop fastener to secure and group items together.

Hobby Storage and Organization

We all have different hobbies and you would be surprised to see how useful a hook and loop fastener can be when it comes to organizing your hobby equipment. No matter if you are an artist or a photographer or enjoy camping, the hook and loop fastener can be a useful tool in order to have organized gear and an organized space.

Through the use of cable ties, you can wrap up and loose items that float around your space. It helps to be able to group items together and it makes them even easier to store. Many hook and loop fasteners come in different colors or even have labels so that you can have clearer organization methods.

Why the Hook and Loop Fastener is a Useful Organization Tool

Not only is the hook and loop fastener incredibly lightweight, but it is incredibly small. They do not take up much space to store and you can leave them in your bag, in your desk, or even have them in your garage. They do not add to your mess like many organizational tools can tend to do. This is really helpful when you want to get organized and stay organized.

Many organization tools have one purpose and overtime you may tend to stop utilizing them and then they add to all of the junk you already have. Hook and loop fasteners cross over between different uses and are so easy to store, you will barely remember that they are there.