Celebrity Cruises – Are They Worth It?

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Celebrity cruises are gaining in popularity. Not to be confused with the Celebrity Cruise Line, these are cruise vacations that include the opportunity to see or even meet popular celebrities like television actors, movie stars and musicians. But, is cruising with a celebrity worth the cost?

What is cruising with a celebrity?

Most celebrity cruises will advertise several performances by their celebrity or celebrities along with a chance to dine or participate in ship activities featuring their advertised star. The cruise line then either pays or offers free passage as a way of bringing celebrities on board. Typically, fans are attracted by the chance to not only meet, but also interact with their favorite public personality.

Why do well-known people participate in celebrity cruises?

In addition to being paid or compensated with free travel, many actors and musical performers use the cruise market as a way of promoting upcoming ventures like a new album, a stint in Vegas, an upcoming movie or a tour.

Meanwhile, some celebrities use celebrity cruises as a way of supporting a particular charity. Often, a charity will sponsor a specific sailing and the cruise line will donate a portion of the profits or proceeds. If you’re interested in supporting a charity and meeting a favorite celebrity, these charity cruises are a great way to do so.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of cruising with a celebrity?

Before you book a celebrity cruise, you should look at why you want to take this specific cruise. Is it because you are interesting in meeting your favorite celebrity or because you wish to enjoy a cruise vacation?

If you’re actively interested in the idea of taking a cruise with a celebrity, look at how much time the featured person will actually be on board. Also consider what performances are scheduled and if there are any extra costs associated with attending those events.

You’ll also want to investigate the size of the cruise. Realistically, if your favorite celebrity is only scheduled to make a one-night performance on a ship that has thousands of passengers, you’re unlikely to meet or make any contact with the individual. However, a cruise can still be a great, intimate environment to see a concert.

Finally, if your purpose for booking the cruise is to have a nice cruise vacation, you may want to reconsider the celebrity cruise option. If you’re completely uninterested in the “celebrity element” on board the ship, you’ll find yourself at sea with hundreds – or possibly thousands – of fans on a ship where the majority of activities and events are focused around a specific individual – something that may not enhance your cruise.