5 Different Cake Themes Involving Bobbleheads

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Bobbleheads have become remarkably popular in the US. Perhaps one of the reasons why bobbleheads are so popular these days is that there is an option to personalize or customize your own. Not only can you have a bobblehead of your favorite celebrities or characters customized, but you can also have a bobblehead of yourself made with incredible details.

Custom bobbleheads used as cake decorations are gradually becoming a trend among the young. Custom bobbleheads are so versatile that they can be used on all sorts of cakes with different themes. Here are a few of the best cake themes decorated with bobbleheads.

Wedding Cake with Bride and Groom Bobblehead Topper

Bobbleheads that look like the bride and the groom make fantastic cake toppers. There are several online stores with user-friendly websites, making it easy for anyone to order. These stores offer custom made bobbleheads with excellent work and perfect details.

Bobbleheads have evolved together with technology, and with the introduction of 3D computer printers, custom bobbleheads have never been more realistic. They can easily make realistic bobblehead copies of the bride and groom.

Superhero Cake with Custom Bobblehead Figure

A lot of pop culture geeks are gradually shifting to Marvel superhero fandom because of the increasing popularity of The Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Marvel superhero-themed cake should be the best surprise you can give to a hardcore Marvel superheroes fan.

Superhero bobbleheads are customizable that you can even put the birthday celebrant’s head on his favorite superhero’s body. Another good suggestion would be to decorate the cake with a complete set of a Marvel superhero team.

Friend Appreciation Cakes

It is never easy to say goodbye to long time colleagues, especially when they are the ones you have been with through thick and thin. However, office farewell parties do not need to be sentimental or sad. They can be an excellent opportunity to celebrate a colleague’s work achievements and contributions.

Celebrating with a fantastic cake is one way to make a sad moment joyful. Topping it off with work themed bobbleheads make it even more fun. For instance, you are working at an accounting firm, why not top it off with an accountant bobblehead.

Cake of the Occasion

Whether it is for Halloween, Christmas, or New year, bobblehead toppers can make any holiday-themed cake fun and exciting. From Jack o’ lanterns and reindeers to Santa Clause bobbleheads, there is plenty of room for customization. You can even have a bobblehead for each member of the family dressed accordingly for the holidays. The possibilities are endless, that you are only limited to your imagination.

Graduation Cakes

Graduation is a huge milestone for a young adult. The event is surely something to be remembered, which is why the graduation cakes should be as memorable as the event. Adding bobblehead cake toppers should make a totally unique and memorable cake.

You can either have custom made bobbleheads or generic ones. Custom graduation themed bobbleheads usually come with premade bodies. To get one, send a close-up photo of the graduate and the makers should be able to create the head that looks like the person in the picture